Ecto Art Evolution

ecto art

Ecto album cover. Original artwork by Happy Rhodes. Yes, the original cover is in black and white.

(image to appear soon)

Posterized version of scan by Jessica Koeppel. A variant of this was used for t-shirts printed by the 'ecto' mailing list in 1992.

sewn art

Sewn version of artwork by...ME! I sewed the entire panel together before attaching it to the kite. The main reason for this is that on small 'foils with lots of applique, I prefer to attach the central keel to the face and then place the applique over it, thereby hiding the seam allowance of the keel (which would otherwise obscure part of the graphic). If you think about it, you'll realize that this sometimes involves slicing the applique in half.

Before sewing the graphic to the face of the kite, I hung it on a glass door and took this picture...

rainbow line

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