Tiny Toons Revs

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buster rev detail

babs rev detail

My friends Monty and DJ Fierigei are rather fond of Steven Spielberg's Tiny Toon Adventures, and especially the movie "What I Did Over Summer Break." Monty's a Rev I flyer from way back and has wanted a Rev II for a couple of years. When the two of them got married, I decided to combine these interests and build this pair of of kites as their wedding present.

The single frame at the top shows the original artwork source. Below are individual details of the applique work on the two kites, which of course were designed to be flown/displayed together.

Unfortunately, the two kites have never actually been seen together. Buster was made first, in a mad dash to get one of the kites done in the few days I had between the end of a school semester (including a thesis proposal oral defense and written comps) and the wedding. Babs was completed about two weeks later, in time for Monty and DJ's visit to DC. To my chagrin, they'd forgotten to pack Buster. One of these years I'll get both kites in the air at the same time, properly lined up, and snap a picture. For now, well, just use your imagination.

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